Frauke Havemann
Latest: the German premiere of the feature film WEATHER HOUSE took place at the "Achtung Berlin - New Berlin Film Award", from April, 12, to April, 15, in three different cinemas in Berlin.

WEATHER HOUSE had it’s world premiere at the Slamdance Film Festival in 2017 and has since screened in various US film festivals. WEATHER HOUSE is set in an unspecified time of extreme planetary climate change. The title is borrowed from the Germanic folk art tradition of building humidity meters in the form of small handcrafted houses, with figures that emerge according to specific weather predictions. The film presents a life-size adaptation of this idea. Its figures are now an isolated group of disoriented characters who spend their time engaged in absurd activities. Trying to provide a measure of normality, they develop their own strange belief systems and routines. WEATHER HOUSE is ultimately as dark, strange and unpredictable as the weather itself.


...Frauke Havemann´s previous experience working on film, video installations and performance,  synergistically converge in Weather House, firmly molding the film´s style. Havemann´s oeuvre cleverly  assimilates civil horror and somewhat latent irony. The final blend gravitates suspiciously close to the poetics of the theatre of absurd.
...Eventually, Weather House could easily represent a cross-over between The Exterminating Angel and The Road being staged as Ionesco or Genet´s play....
...Mysterious and mesmerising, Weather House turns the end of the world into fine art.

Director - Frauke Havemann, Co-director - Eric Schefter, Concept - Frauke Havemann, Mark Johnson, Screenplay - Mark Johnson, Cinematography - Marcel Neumann, Editors - Eric Schefter, Frauke Havemann, Costume Designer - Regina Gyr.


Frauke Havemann is a director and choreographer and the artistic director for the performance and film production group ON AIR.  Frauke has been a member of Milchhof since 1991.  In 2004 she grounded the AULA in Milchhof as an independent rehearsal and performance space.

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